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A Message to Fathers: Keeping Your Daugthers Off the Pole

(A Repost) Dads. You may not have noticed but your daughter just left the house wearing tight, stretchy pants with the word "Juicy" emblazoned across her backside. And yes. She bought them with the money you gave her for school lunches, allowance or back to school clothes. Congratulations. You are now the official sponsor of your teenage daughter's butt. So what are your options? You can either: A) ask her to change and be ready to stand your ground or B) ignore, and hope that every red blooded male she walks in front of doesn't try to read her nether region. If you decide to give this one a pass, because the word itself seems benign or not sexual in nature, think about the lesson you're teaching your little girl. She's … [Read More...]

Comparing Military Dependents to Welfare Babies

You can find me at Military.com today! "Did you know there are Americans who loathe the benefits we receive as military dependents?" You can read the rest of my article here! For politics, current events and issues that affect your family, you can find me on Facebook and become a fan of The Conservative Parent! … [Read More...]


The Boston Bombing: Talking to Kids About Terrorism

  I don't think any of us thought we would be safe again after 9/11. The events were too horrific, too widespread and made too much of a lasting impression on our psyche as Americans. But still, after yesterday's events in Boston, I am shaken from the suddenness of those two explosions and I am confounded by the way life can change depending on which side of a minute you're on. I didn't have children when the towers fell and gaping holes were left in both the Pentagon and Shanksville, Pa. I was still two years away from having our first child, so I didn't have to explain the events of that day to my children until many years later. It wasn't until this past December, when twenty innocent children and six teachers were … [Read More...]


Why Social Media Is Encouraging a Generation of Cowards

Have you done it? I have. Fired off a scathing email telling so and so just how frustrated, angry and hurt you deserve to be. Relishing the furious and loud click-clack of the keyboard as you settle a score, right a wrong, justify your position. Taking a deep breath, hitting SEND with a silent take that for everything you ever did to me. A righteous sense of satisfaction followed by the pit-in-your-stomach realization that you can't undo those typed sentences. No chance to rethink your decision, no way to hit unSEND. Have you been on the receiving end of that I'll tell you what I really think about you text or email? The one that makes your heart skip a beat and your breath catch in your throat as you frantically try to remember what was … [Read More...]