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Rollin' Wild


Today it’s all about the good stuff. I think the week has been filled to the brim with tragedy and heartache. Sometimes, it’s good to be reminded that God is still in it-all of it-and His mercy continues to touch us even in small ways. That once we dig past the front page news, miracles abound. Enjoy.

As an adoptive parent this article just made me smile and tear up all at once. Such beauty in families that are created through selflessness, pain and surrender.

Go here to see the photo series that captures a family coming together. 


Dogs and babies. Need I say more?

In honor of our sweet girl who passed away this week, here’s a beagle that will steal your heart.


This woman? She’s my hero.  “If you are reviled for the name of Christ, you are blessed, because the Spirit of glory and of God rests upon you.” 1 Peter 4:14

Read about the touching moment Meriam Ibrahim and her family arrived in Rome after months of believing she would be executed for her Christian faith.


This week I wrote about why I believe Pinterest can save the world. It’s because of girls like this. Girls who take their genius and use it to bless and benefit the world around them. Rock on girlfriend.

Read here about the young woman who created an amazing product that is saving lives and creating jobs. 


If you need encouragement check out this simple yet powerful demonstration of how God answers prayer.

This man? He gets it. Great reminder to never stop praying, even in the face of hardship.


There is nothing like hearing my kids laugh. And this video doesn’t disappoint! My little girls were screeching with laughter-who doesn’t love fat animals?

Watch this video from Rollin’ Wild and check out their other videos on YouTube. Animation at its best!


Have a great weekend!

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Why Pinterest Can Save the World

Why Pinterest Can Save the World


I love Pinterest.

So much so that whenever I do something creative or make a new recipe the first thing the kids ask is “Mommy, is this from Pinterest?”. And 99% of the time the answer is an enthusiastic YES!

If you don’t know what I’m talking about and this is the first time you’ve heard of Pinterest or thought I just don’t want to do something else that ties me to the computer just stop one crazy minute. If there was ever a reason to be glued to your computer screen this is it.

Go here.

Sign up.

Let the magic happen.

Because you will thank me when you don’t have to use more brain cells to come up with that last minute teacher gift or toddler craft.

Or history lessons.

Or make-up tutorials for dummies.

Or decorating for the holidays.

Baking for a crowd.

Finding a new hairstyle.

Encouragement for the day.

Super adorable dog shaming pictures.

Dream home ideas.

Remodeling before and afters.

Oh sweet heaven it is a one stop shop of brilliant ideas that will make you a rockstar either in your home or in your own mind. Either way you’re good.

Here, within our four walls it’s my job to be creative and I’m okay with that. Now. Before I would fret and wonder how I would find a way to keep my two-years-old twins busy during our first homeschool year. Or when I’d bookmark a recipe and go back to find it, only to spend way too much time searching through hundreds of bookmarks that I never labeled correctly so they were just one unending list of web addresses.


Pinterest win!

pinterest win!

And then I found Pinterest. I thought it was so clever until I started creating Pinboards and pinning pins and making pins and posting pins and sending pins only to realize that it wasn’t clever.

It was genius.

And it could save the world.

Pinterest makes me have hope for a hopeless world because every day I see new and inspiring ideas that are an example of just how amazing we are as a people. That for most of us, we’re just putting one foot in front of the other to make our families and communities better. We’re using our time and talents to focus on things that bring beauty and laughter that can be poured straight into your home and my home.

I watched a video last night of a man who could cut and bag an entire watermelon in under 30 seconds. He had the precision of a surgeon and I was in awe of his ingenuity. He will make my watermelon cutting life so much easier!

Have you looked on the humor boards? At least three times a week, when  I am in need of a good laugh, (and maybe just a touch of adult humor-don’t judge me) I check out the funny boards and find myself laughing until I’m crying and snorting. It’s embarrassing and my husband probably thinks this is the time I’ll have to have her committed but it feels. so. good.

It is such a release to laugh out loud, to have your sides ache and the kids wake up confused because they swore they heard a hyena in the house because you just can’t stop.

That kind of laughter could bring world peace. I’m sure of it.

I think of this digital world, this small thumbprint on the internet and how it’s become one big community of sharers. Sharing ideas, thoughts and feelings that you can take or leave with no hard feelings. Where ideas are nurtured, built upon and shared again. Where it’s okay if you see something beautiful and make it your own and by repinning you’re saying hey world! I didn’t come up with this on my own and look how amazing it is!

With all of this beauty, creativity and thoughtfulness, how can we fail? With so much trying and doing how is it that we can’t find common ground?

Maybe there’s a small part of me that’s a little hippie-dippie. A part of me that wants to squeeze my unlovable neighbors and win them over with delicious banana bread I made after seeing it pinned 25,361 times and oh! I hope you noticed how cute I folded the paper plate AND tied a bow around it just so you would know I think you’re worth those precious extra minutes.

Maybe I hope if we’re all inspired to be better tomorrow than we are today, then beauty will outshine  the darkness that seems to creep into our corners.

I think deep down, we all have more in common than we think.

We are people that want to do better and be better. I know I do.




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Why I Hope All Dogs Go to Heaven

Why I Hope All Dogs Go to Heaven


Tonight the tears are subsiding. It was worse this afternoon, when she was away from me and getting ready to take her last breath. When I was waiting for the text-because he promised to let me know as soon as the vet agreed there was nothing else to be done.

Today was all about her because I knew it was time. I’d mothered her for almost fifteen years and I understood when it was time to start thinking about a life without her. So today, she got her spot on the couch, snuggled in my lap while she coughed and gasped. The kids all gave her kisses and pets and whispered secrets in her ear.

And when he said it was time to let go and promised to hold her until she slipped away, I let the tears come as we sat, pulled over on the side of the road-the kids and I-as we held hands and prayed.

Prayed that Maddy, with her long deer legs and always happy disposition, was there to meet her.

Prayed that there is a place in Heaven for our two, sweet girls that gave us so much joy.

For whatever reason, God gave us these amazing, four legged creatures to love. In His wisdom He gave us dominion over the animals of the Earth and in His grace gave us these beautiful spirits that become a part of our families. Loyal, unconditionally loving companions that bring out the best in who we are.

They are amazing aren’t they? With their constant excitement, an exuberance for life that makes us smile and cringe all at the same time. So excited their tails clear a table or leave a puddle waiting right under your bare foot. They slip through fences, tip over trash, climb on tables to devour a prepared supper and easily drive us to yell obscenities as we stand in the wake of terrible messes.

They also save us from fires, pull us from flooded waters. They search dense forests for a lost child, they are combat companions and heroes.

They ask for so little.

Yet they give so much.

I thank God for them because they’ve taught my children what it is to be gentle. To use their little hands to love instead of hit. What it means to sacrifice time and energy on something other than themselves. To appreciate walks in the heat of summer and learn responsibility because that poop? It’s not going to pick up itself.

Tonight when I go to bed I know there won’t be a wake-up call at 3am. I am relieved that she won’t spend the night trying to get comfortable in between the hours of coughing. I am thankful that she is resting peacefully, a life devoted to loving us and driving us crazy all at the same time.

I will remember her (and her sister before her) my whole life. She is gone but she will always have a piece of my heart.

And hopefully.

Just maybe.

She’ll have a little piece of Heaven too.


*for Reagan (7/20/14) and Maddy (5/2/12) with love







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